Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about MIKAL

MIKAL is a musician, film maker, and Halloween event producer. Looking for MIKAL's film website? Head on over to Seeking MIKAL's Halloween event? You're looking for The Masquerade Of The Red Death.

Originally from Detroit, transplanted to the Hollywood music scene as a teenager, with detours through Boston, NYC and the UK, MIKAL is an indie rock/pop musical artist who doesn't subscribe to the common misconception that a solo artist must fall into the oft-clich├ęd 'singer / songwriter' style that we've all grown used to. According to Mikal, one of the great things about being a solo artist is the freedom that it brings, allowing the artist to write and perform however they choose. It is the ability to play an intimate and dimly lit show with only an acoustic guitar one night, add a string trio the next, then turn around and play a full out rock concert the very next night that makes Mikal such an attraction to clubs and campuses across the US, Canada and the UK.

Mikal's music has been synced with dozens of television shows, including those on channels such as Mtv, VH1, E!, and more. Mikal's songs have also gained airplay on literally hundreds of college and mainstream radio stations across North America and Europe. Currently, MIKAL's music is charting on several college and indie stations, even occupying the #1 spot on several.

Mikal has received 24 Music Award nominations, and has been signed as an official artist for Taylor Guitars.

Mikal tours colleges, clubs and theaters across America and the UK, and is looking forward to expanding that radius.